The evolution of “Kosher”

After coming to terms with the idea of starting a clothing brand I thought to conduct a survey asking people when they thought of the beautiful city of Toronto and  country of Canada, what kind of things and ideas came to mind. More often than not people said the same things; diverse, multicultural, cold, the maple leaf, hockey, red, pure & clean.

When thinking of the product it was always envisioned that the product would be pure devoting the time to the quality, and originality of each design. Pure and Simple were two words I felt best described the vision I had for the brand. I decided that I would look up synonyms for both pure and simple, the one word that caught me was “Kosher”. I was familiar with the Jewish term, but was not 100% on the exact definition as curiosity led me to read more.

Cosure origins

The word Cosure was derived from the Jewish term “Kosher” dictionary.com

suggests something fit or allowed to be eaten or used, according to the dietary or ceremonial i.e. Kosher meat, Kosher dishes etc.

As I continued to read the informal definition states;

“something proper; legitimate or genuine; authentic”

In hindsight the informal definition of the term Kosher thoroughly explained the brand and the product in which the company is represented by. The magnificent part about it, it summed everything up with minimal words. This solidified the name of the brand, but visually as well as controversially I was skeptical of the name. Trying to avoid any controversy that may take away from the brand I started thinking about the different ways in which it could be spelt. Cosure (Co-sure) suggesting co-steady, for sure, soon it all formulated into eveything’s COSURE.

Initially Cosure Clothing Company was set out to be a lifestyle brand, but as most of the retail world it was becoming oversaturated. A lot of brands claimed to be a lifestyle brand but were more geared to street fashion or urban wear. To avoid the brand from being categorized and conforming to societal norms, the emphasis was taken away from where it falls or belongs to just creating unique and innovative collections that may or may not target a specific demographic.

Due to the fact that we as a society are being told what thoughts and actions are seen as acceptable, the originality that we all posses is being restricted by what we feel as if we should be doing or thinking.  By targeting niche target markets it is a risky marketing strategy but stand by the decision that is felt to generate more brand loyalty mainly because there is no conformity or big labels suggesting to buy something for the name but rather the design. Majority of the product can be worn between the ages of 22 and 40, offering a cleaner more respectable look, maintaining the practical outlook of a lifestyle brand.

Each piece and or collection released offers it own exclusivity. The significance of the brand is the diversity in which it gives its consumers, that was important that the brand coincide with people. Like mentioned previously a lot of the people surveyed mentioned Canada’s diversity. More often than not you hear people talk about trends or how fashion is a never ending cycle suggesting that something is trending will soon become less popular but will surface again in years to come. Each Cosure product is designed to be timeless, meaning if I decided to pick up a hat that was released 5 years prior there in no hesitation whether or not it is still fashionable in a given time or era.


Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Gap, Levi and Roots quite frankly are the brands that are believed to be timeless. These are brands I grew up wearing and I am currently wearing to this day. I try to pay attention to the subtle things that keep these staple crops relevant in today’s society where there hasn’t been much brand loyalty. Its foreseen as something is changing a lot of people are beginning to support local or smaller business, but I found the recipe to be producing timeless pieces. One thing all these companies have in common is their overall identity has not changed much they may have ventured out but the core base has remained the same stabilizing a steady flow of consumers as well as solidifying cult followings.

Cosure Clothing Company was established in 2012.